When Conditions Are Demanding, Demand The Best!

Flooring Options:

Whether you have a restorative project or a new build, we have the products for you! Our team of highly trained specialists will give your business or home (garage, basement) project a total makeover!

When choosing the right type of polymer floor for you, you should take a couple things into consideration. Some of the factors to consider are: functionality, aesthetics, durability, and ultimately the time and cost associated with determining the right floor for your specifications and requirements. This is where our on site floor technicians come into play! They will come into your home or business and do an evaluation of your concrete flooring. Our technician will do moisture testing, etc., on your floor to determine the right product for you. Once this is done they will show you the different options you can choose from to make your home or business space unique! Give us a call, we would love to send them out to help you with a “Free” estimate! (828) 862-6738, or toll free at (888) 376-5258.

Corporate Logos:

Are you looking for something a little more state of the art? Advanced American Polymers can incorporate your logo onto your floor! We use a system composite to put your logo on fabric that adheres to the epoxy overlay. The fabric is then bonded with UV resistant Polyurea. Once the composite is finished it is then textured to meet ll OSHA and AOA slip resistant standards. Giving your floor a corporate savvy look!

Give us a call for your free estimate now! (828) 862-6738